New Look for the Website

In an effort to make the site more interactive we have (or are in the process of) converting the site to a blog based site. This will allow for people to comment on items, as well as for multiple authors to post items. Look for Curt to post trail reports as soon as the snow starts to fly.

Another new feature is you can recieve an email whenever the site is updated by subscribing to our feedburner feed. Just enter your email address in the text box to the right. Don’t worry you won’t be getting overwhelmed with updates. Feedburner sends out only one email a day, and if there aren’t any updates there won’t be an email.

To post comments you must create an account, this is a relatively painless process, other than solving the captcha. Although we are using recaptch which is a pretty cool project, – read about it here. If you would like to contribute as an author on these pages please contact Tom at

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