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Preview of the Biathlon Race

The 2010 New York Biathlon Championships will feature a strong field. USA Today oddsmaker has taken a break from scouting racers for the upcoming Patch Sprint and has handicapped the biathlon field for the NY Biathlon Champs. Sherridan states, “As seen in the Olympics, weather could come in to play, if a squall arrives mid race expect the advantage to go to the early starters.”

First NameLast NameTeam/ClubTimeDanny Sheridan's Tips
Senior Men
JasonHettenbaughRNR/ WNY0:32:45Far and away the fastest on skis, getting better with the rifle, will be hard to top.
MartyMaynardRNR/ WNY0:34:16Much improved, could challenge for victory
ChadDayRNR/ WNY0:34:18Very fast, but 40 % shooting won't win this race.
Thomas MMoffett JrSaratoga Biathlon0:35:22Skiing faster lately, but not fast enough.
EricSeyseSaratoga Biathlon0:35:49Finally starts to feel tired after racing 81,325 times this winter.
PatrickClancySaratoga Biathlon0:39:16Strong performance on the range keeps him under 40 minutes.
Masters Men
SeanHalliganSaratoga Biathlon0:34:49New rifle, fast skis, VO2 Max larger than Curt's
ReneHardeSaratoga Biathlon0:36:48Skiing in Boston, lacks hills to train on.
StevenFrenchRNR/ WNY0:37:08One penalty too many.
BrianWieghausSaratoga Biathlon0:40:17Hits all of his targets, wins medal for most driving this winter.
christianborger sr.Saratoga Biathlon0:42:26Still recovering from injuries, has a solid race.
ThomasBielliSaratoga Biathlon0:45:38Only three penalties.
Grand Masters Men
DarwinRoosaSaratoga Biathlon0:46:25Finishes off strong season with victory.
RussMyerSyracuse Biathlon0:47:03Shoots clean, skis to silver.
Carl (Pete)HettenbaughRNR/ WNY0:51:18First trip to Saratoga end with a bronze.
MichaelMerrittSaratoga Biathlon0:53:46Longest distance travelled - all the way from CA.
RichardSlomanSaratoga Biathlon0:54:25Spends too much time with Curt expaining how to cut down the trees in the range.
Eric J.HamiltonSaratoga Biathlon0:59:28Asks Tom for zeroing advice, shoots great.
WillseyseSaratoga Biathlon0:59:59Squeeks in under one hour.
Youth Men
BrianHalliganSaratoga Biathlon0:28:36Reverse of the top two from last weekend.
christianborger jr.Saratoga Biathlon0:29:01Too many penalties to catch Brian.
SamPhaneufPBSC0:30:03Has his best shooting performance of the year.
DamonKullPBSC0:30:42Skis fast, but unfortunately skis fast in the penalty loop.
ErinGrahamNG /Saratoga Biathlon0:27:30Skis fast, shoots straight, the perfect combination.
DebNordykeSaratoga Biathlon0:28:25Uses home course advantage to ski second fastest 7.5 km time.
AnnJardinSyracuse Biathlon0:32:12Strong ski performance, getting ready for college nationals.
jillkoziolSaratoga Biathlon0:35:16Figures her rifle out, six hits.
LeahGriffithSyracuse Biathlon0:38:48Novice competitor is very strong on the range.

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