Well! I guess hitting 40-50% doesn’t get you a win at Worlds. The mid-pack finishes have been hard to take, but I do have to look at it realistically. Pretty pleased with my ski splits, which were 14th and 12th for the sprint and pursuit respectively.

Today was the first real pursuit I had ever done. The funny start threw me when I was looking at results, because at first it looked like I had one of the slowest ski splits… Pretty cool how it works though. It would be super fun to do one and be in contention for something, rather than just feeling like I’m on damage control and trying to minimize dizziness from all the skiing in circles! I managed to move up 1 place, so I now have a finish of 52nd to add to my 53rd.  4th and 5th worst shooting.

What I’ve learned thus far: Actual time on the range (not including penalty loops) really adds up. If I was as quick on the range yesterday as I was today, I would have moved up 10 spots. That would really have helped me out today too. And it’s relatively free time. Dropping my range time from 62 to 50 seconds (still not blisteringly fast, by any means) didn’t make me shoot any worse (I actually shot better today) and really helped me out. Had I spent as much time on the range today as yesterday, I would have been 50 seconds slower.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get real lucky in the Individual and hit everything! I’m hoping to get my ski time in the top 10, and I’m starting to get hyper aware of everywhere I might be able to give myself some free time, and this could add up to a race I could really be proud of!

On a different note, tonight’s dinner was fun: breaded and fried cheese, served on a bed of french fries. You know what I had for dinner? A Zone bar.

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