Halligans Dominate Spring Biathlon Races

Conditions were perfect for the last biathlon races of the season, with cold temperatures and fast snow.

The father-son team of Sean and Brian Halligan won the two person alternate lap Spring Biathlon Relay Race on Sunday. Skiers traded off skiing a 1.4 km loop, tagging after the penalty loop. The first skier shot prone, prone, and standing. The second skier shot prone and standing, thenn skied to the finish on their last loop. In second place was the team of Doug Diehl and Eric Seyse. Darrell Rikert and Joe Iwan took third.  In the mixed division, former Olympians used superior shooting (hitting 21 out of 25 targets) to ski to an easy victory over Tom and Marque Moffett. Pat Clancy and Ann Seyse finished in third.

Following the relay races, competitors lined up for a mass start race, that featured a number of innovations which I’m sure you will see in World Cup races soon. The race started with a Le Mans start, with skiers running to their skis and poles. The race was four laps, with skiers shooting prone, standing, and then their choice of prone or standing. Skiers had the option of using relay rounds for the last stage. Brian Halligan took his second win of the day, followed by Eli Walker, and Sean Halligan.

Relay Race Results

Mass Start Results

The skiing is not done for the year, we plan on holding a cross country race the first weekend in April. Comment on our facebook page what day work best. The format of the race is to be determined, but should be fun.

Basia Smolinska posted a video on our facebook page of the Le Mans start:

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