Race Added

We will be holding a two person biathlon relay on Sunday March 23, 2014. The format of the race is as follows:

  • Each team will complete six laps of the course (3 by each skier).
  • The teammates will alternate laps.
  • There will be five shooting stops, the first skier will shoot three times
    (prone, prone, standing), and the second skier will shoot twice (prone,
  • On the second skiers third loop, they will ski to the finish line.
  • Each team will be assigned a target for the race. All shooting (including
    zero) should be done at this point.
  • Relay rounds will not be used in this race (in other words, you only have
    five bullets for each shooting stage).
  • A penalty loop must be skied for every miss.
  • The tag zone will be located immediately after the exit of the penalty
  • The race will begin as a mass start, the first team across the finish line
    after six laps is the winner.

After the relay races we will hold a short mass start race (or races depending on how many people want to do it),.


  • 8:00 AM Registration Opens
  • 9:00 AM Zero Opens
  • 10:00 AM Men’s Race Start
  • 11:00 AM Mixed Race Start
  • 12:00 PM Mass Start Race (short, maybe 5 km total)

Entry Fee: $10 pre-registered; $15 day of race. Registration opens tomorrow.

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