French Exchange Student in need of place to stay

I received the below email and was asked to forward it on to the club. Below is the complete message:

I am hoping you will share the attached information with your members as soon
as possible,  or know of someone who my be interested. 

I have one male exchange student,  Antoine, 18,  from France.  He enjoys skiing.
 His family lives near the French Alps. He also enjoys music and hanging out with
friends. He is still in need of a host family. He does require a 13-19 year old
living in the host family home. He is arriving next Monday,  July 13th and staying
for four weeks (departs 8/10). The host family provides a place to stay (can be a
shared room) and meals.  Antoine pays for activities and meals outside the home, as
well as personal items.  He does have insurance.  The program is American family
emersion; so he does whatever the family is doing (ex: sitting around at home,
 errands,  camping). 

I have attached Antoine ' s  application, which may be shared and some other

Anyone interested or wanting more information should contact me ASAP. My contact
information is below. 

Thank you!

Jill Miller
Local Coordinator
CCI Greenheart
518-527-5186 l 518-885-3439
 If you are interested in seeing the above mentioned attachments you can contact Jill at the number above. I will not be around for the next 2 weeks or so.


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