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Saratoga Biathlon Golf Club Set to Open in August!

We are excited to announce a new venture for the Saratoga Biathlon Club, 18 holes of golf! After years of poor winters we have made the proactive decision to become a summer sport facility. While the Saratoga Biathlon Club was originally created to give Curt and Jim Jr the opportunity to train for biathlon, Curt’s kids are much more interested in golf. Like father like son, Curt has decided to give Jon, Erik, and Katrin the greatest opportunity any aspiring golfer could ask for, a home on the course. We will still offer skiing in a limited basis in the future.

Since early March crews have been busy clearing and landscaping the future course. The plan is to have 9 holes open in August, with the remaining 9 to open in 2013.

Course Map

The course layout. Holes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, and 18 will open in August, the rest will open next year. The current ski trails are shown for perspective.

In the coming weeks construction will begin on a 4500 square foot  clubhouse, which will be located where the range is. The clubhouse will be available for receptions for both club members and the general public.

Club House

Architect's rendition of the new clubhouse.


Working on Hole 4

Golf Cart

We have placed an order for 20 new electric golf carts.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and days for more exciting updates. We will be start making reservations for tee times later this year. All current club members will receive one free round of golf!

NEW Izhmash supplier

The Russian Weapon Company has been appointed the exclusive importer
of Izhmash firearms, including their biathlon rifles. If anyone is interested in purchasing a rifle the contact information is below.

I talked to Rodney a few weeks ago and he said the company is working on making a more accurate barrel available. They also have left handed models available.

Sales Representative
P: 866.611.9576 (ext. 111)
F: 215.949.9191


Trail Day/ Meeting

We will be meeting at the range on Sunday November 13th at 10:00 AM to work on the 5 km loop. Afterwards there will be a lunch and meeting to discuss the upcoming season. Please bring clippers and saws (for the trail cleaning, maybe for the meeting).

Trail/ Range Clean Up Day

We will be holding the first of two trail clean up days on Sunday October 23rd at 10:00 AM. We will work on the range and house loop. If you plan on coming please bring clippers and <a href=””>email curt</a>

We will add a second date in November for working on the 5 km.

Full moon ski/snowshoe/potluck

This year’s moonlight ski will be on the 12th of February. The moon will be up by late morning and will be at its highest at about 7PM. Candles along the course will be lit at 5PM. Due to the moon not cooperating and coordinating with our event, it will only be at 70% which should be plenty of light in combination with the candles. The event will be at Curt and Deb’s house (1st house on the driveway). You should either be able to find parking there or along the main driveway. Potluck food will be set up in the apartment in the house like previous years events. The course will be along the house loop for about 1.5 to 2 kilometers. Showshoes or skis must be worn on the trails. No dogs please, there will be a pretty large crowd. Please do not go on the 5k after 3PM because we will have it groomed for Sunday’s race.


Good morning New York! ‘Course, it’s not morning here! In fact, today I have already eaten breakfast, pushed a van, raced, missed 5 out of 10 even with 6 extra rounds(yea not my best) slid backwards down a hill in the same van, tried to talk to a cute czech boy, who didnt speak english, looked like he was maybe 12, and wanted to empty my trash, attempted to help a czech woman who wanted to change my sheets, and also spoke no english, ate lunch, and did homework. Wait- lie. I haven’t done any homework today!! hahaha!! Our coach Vlad thinks it’s very funny how much I sleep…

Food continues to be an adventure. Last night’s dinner was interesting. We had a vote going up and down the table as to what we thought the meat was. The contenders were: pork, veal, chicken, and beef, though I was pretty sure it wasn’t beef, as it was pretty white. I had absolutely no idea. So I went with pork. Wrong. It was chicken. It is amazing how much more I enjoyed it once I knew what it was, and how much less I enjoyed it after Sean said it’s funny shape was probably because it was Chernobyl Chicken, and Grace found that hers wasn’t cooked in the center. Yum. I really do like the food, though. Yesterday we toured the town and got honked at by a lot of people. Someone even knew how to say, “I love you!” It was very flattering. Not as flattering as nearly being run over by the van of Czech athletes. They just want to eliminate the competition. Seriously, though, it was close. We definitely almost died.

Good experience today, and a good one to get out of my system before Worlds. I here it’s cold over there. Glad to hear the snow’s not melting, at least. Congrats to all Mini participants!!


Junior World Championships

We’ve arrived in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, and after 30 straight hours of no sleep I slept well last night. Went to the venue this morning. There is no snow off trail, and so they are bringing in truckloads of man- made. It is very fast. One sketchy downhill 180 turn, otherwise fun but not technical skiing. This weekend is Central European Cup ( I think that’s what it’s called) in which I will be racing Sunday. The format is individual relay, whatever that means. JWC races start next Thursday!!

Shovelling Brigade Request

The trails need a little work for us to be able to hold the Shen Classic and the Mini Marathon next weekend. The 16″ of snow that we received in the past couple of storms was very dry and powdery, as a result it has compressed a lot. There are some places where the dirt is showing through. We need to shovel these areas so that we can hold the two races next weekend.

If you are able to help, we will meet at the range on Sunday 1/16 at 10:00 AM. Bring a shovel and rock skis (or snowshoes). Feel free to contact Curt (, or leave a comment on this post.

Wynn and Doherty Both Win, Named to World Championship Team

Club members Carly Wynn and Sean Doherty were both victorious in today’s sprint race at Jericho, VT. For Carly it was a clean sweep, she won all three races. Sean overcames a disappointing second race and skied to victory today. Both Caly and Sean were named to the Jr./Youth World Championship team which will compete in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic from January 27 – February 5. After the three race series Sean was the second ranked Youth male, and Carly was the top ranked youth female.

Brian Halligan finished in eighteenth place in the Youth Men’s category, and was ranked 15th overall after the three trial series. Sean Halligan finished second in the masters men category.

Click here for a link to the USBA team announcement.