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Champs Thursday Update – Saturday is On/ Sunday is Off

We will be able to hold both the NY Biathlon Champs and NYSSRA Champs this weekend!

We survived yesterday’s meltdown, and the skiing is still good on the 5 k. The range however needs some work (near the building).

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Champs Weekend Update

Important Update – Sunday February 18, 2018

We have been forced to cancel the banquet due to the uncertain weather forcast for the upcoming week. We needed to let the caterer know by this evening if the event would

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Register Now for Next Weekend’s Championship Races

Register for the 2018 NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs

Register before Monday and save on your entry fer for next weekend’s races. We  encourage you to register this weekend so that we can give an accurate estimate of the

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Photos for NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs

Photos from last weekend’s races are available through Pat Hendrick’s Photography. Photos can be sorted by bib number, if you can’t remember your bib it is listed in the results file.

NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs Day 2 Results

Results from the second day of the NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs.

Biathlon 3 X 6 km Relay

XC 3 X 5 km Relay

More pictures will be posted on our Facebook page soon.

Thanks to everyone who came

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Results From Day 1 of NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs

Results from the first day of champs.

Biathlon – Sprint

XC 20 km – Overall

XC 20 km – by class

Photos are posted on Facebook

Updated Start and Relay Lists

XC Start list

Biathlon Sprint Start List

XC Relay Participants

Biathlon Relay Participants

2013 NYSSRA Champs Information

Registration has closed for the 2013 NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs, and nearly 100 people have signed up for the various events. Competitions begin on Saturday with the biathlon sprint at 10:00 AM. Saturday afternoon will feature a 20

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2013 NYSSRA Championships/ NY Biathlon Championships

Information on the 2013 NYSSRA Chmpionships/ NY Biathlon Championships which will be held at the club Saturday March 9, 2013 through Sunday March 10, 2013



The championships are open to all athletes. You must be a member

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New Jersey Takes Relay, Pennsylvania Wins Festival

The New Jersey Biathlon Team of Joe Iwan (with a little help from Brian Halligan) won the relay race at the Eastern Biathlon Festival. Joe was the only NJ representative and ran both the first and third leg of

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