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Sprint Race Results

Here are the results from yesterday’s summer biathlon sprint. Thanks to everyone who turned out, on what turned out to be a pretty good morning to hold a race.

We will be holding a mountain bike trail building day on Saturday July 7th to finish getting the new mountain bike trails ready for the Great Sacandaga Mountain Bike Race. Bring clippers, saws, rakes, and hoes, and meet at the range at 10:00 AM. Bring your bike and we’ll go for a ride afterwards too.

Great Day for NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs

It was a warm day, with slow wet snow for both the 2018 NY Biathlon Championship Sprint and the Great Sacandaga Mini Marathon, which served as this year’s NYSSRA XC Championship race. Brian Halligan (HURT) and Gabriella Frittelli (Saratoga Biathlon)claimed the biathlon titles. In the XC race, Dave Paarlberg-Kvam (HURT) and Deb Nordyke (Saratoga Biathlon) took home the titles.

Biathlon Results

XC Results

Champs Thursday Update – Saturday is On/ Sunday is Off

We will be able to hold both the NY Biathlon Champs and NYSSRA Champs this weekend!

We survived yesterday’s meltdown, and the skiing is still good on the 5 k. The range however needs some work (near the building). We will be able to hold both the biathlon and XC races on Saturday. However, we are cancelling both races scheduled for Sunday due to the high temperatures forecast for Saturday, followed by rain and ice Saturday night and into Sunday.

Saturday’s biathlon race will be a sprint race, zero will begin at 9:00, and start at 10:00. The XC race will be 20 km (5 laps of a 4 km course). The start will be at 1:00 PM.

Race fees will be reduced due to the change in course, and cancellation of Saturday. Those that have paid in advance will receive a partial refund.

We are looking for volunteers to help shovel around the range tomorrow. The plan is to meat at 10:00 AM, bring your favorite shovel.


Champs Weekend Update

Important Update – Sunday February 18, 2018

We have been forced to cancel the banquet due to the uncertain weather forcast for the upcoming week. We needed to let the caterer know by this evening if the event would take place, and right now it is 50/50 at best. Everyone who has already purchased banquet tickets will be reimbursed for the cost ($10 off your race +  any additional tickets you purchased). We will decide on Thursday if we are able to hold the event. If we need to cancel, then everyone will receive a full refund of their entry fees.

Register Now for Next Weekend’s Championship Races

Register for the 2018 NYSSRA Champs/ NY Biathlon Champs

Register before Monday and save on your entry fer for next weekend’s races. We  encourage you to register this weekend so that we can give an accurate estimate of the number of attendees to the caterers for the banquet.The banquet will feature Chicken Marsala and baked ziti, with veggies, roles and strawberry shortcake. Entry to the event will include one raffle ticket, raffle prizes will be awarded at the banquet and include Toko HF 134 (helix spray wax), ski poles,  scrapers, Toko kick wax, and roller ski tips.

Currently there is a lot of snow on the ground at the club, but if If we are forced to cancel the event due to weather, all participants who prepaid will be given refunds. Updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Day of Race Registration will not be available.


Saturday February 24

  • Biathlon Sprint –  10:00 AM (zero at 9:00 AM)
  • Great Sacandaga Mini Marathon – XC 21 km Free – 1:00 PM
  • Awards Banquet – American Legion, Rt 9N, Lake Luzerne – 6:00 PM

Sunday February 25

  • Biathlon 3 x 6km Relay – 10:00 AM (zero at 9:00 AM)
  • XC 3 x 5 km Freestyle Relay – 1:00 PM


The championships are open to all athletes. You must be a member of NYSSRA to compete in the cross country races. Those who aren’t members may purchase a membership for the day. To compete in the biathlon races you must be a member of the USBA or Biathlon Canada, membership for the day may also be purchased for those without membership. There will not be a safety clinic for the biathlon race, thus all athletes competing in biathlon must have completed the safety certification prior to the championship event.


Registration is through Registration fees will increase on February 19. There will not be day of race registration available.

If you plan on attending the banquet, you must purchase your banquet tickets in advance.

Race Formats

XC 21 KM Freestyle – NYSSRA Champions Cup Race: Skiers will complete a 21 km (7 km for U16) course utilizing any technique. Wave starts by class. All athletes must finish no later than 4:30 PM, anyone who doesn’t meet this deadline will be listed as DNF. Awards will be given in U16, U18, U20, Senior, and all Masters categories.

XC 3  X 5 KM Relay – NYSSRA Club Championship Relay: NYSSRA Sanctioned clubs may enter teams of 2 or 3 to ski race. All legs are freestyle. If a team consits of only two athletes, one athlete must ski legs 1 and 3, and the other athlete skis leg 2. Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish. Scores will count towards the NYSSRA Nordic Club Series. Teams may also be composed of unaffiliated skiers, these teams will be eligible for medals, but will not be included in the scoring for the Club Series. Awards will be given in Mens and Mixed categories.

Biathlon Sprint: Sprint format race, two shooting stops and penalty loops for misses. All athletes must finish no later than 12:00 PM, otherwise they will be listed as DNF. (Field Limit 60) Awards will be given in Boy/ Girl, Youth, Junior, Senior, masters, and novice categories.

Biathlon Relay: Teams of three athletes will compete in two divisions, club and sport. Each NYSSRA Biathlon Club may enter a maximum of two teams in the club relay. All other athletes will be placed in three pools (by %-back). Sport teams will be chosen by random draw and will comprise of one athlete from each of the three pools.

Relay Teams

It is the responsibility of the club presidents to select athletes for the relay teams for the XC Relay and the Biathlon Club relay. A separate from is available for submitting the relay teams. An up to date list of registered athletes and their club affiliation will be posted on the event website.

The event organizers will place unaffiliated athletes together in teams for the XC relay, and will select athletes at random for the biathlon sport relay. Relay teams must be submitted to the event organizer prior to the awards banquet on February 24.

Spring Biathlon Races on Sunday

As long as the trails remain in good condition, we will hold our annual Spring Biathlon Races.This is a fun event to close out the racing season. In the race two person teams will compete, by skiing alternating loops of 1.4 km. There will be two divisions, Men’s (two men on a team) and Mixed (at least one woman).

Individuals will be paired up the morning of the race, before zero.

All competitors must have completed a prior safety clinic.

Format of the Race:

  • Each team will complete six laps of the course (3 by each skier).
  • The teammates will alternate laps.
  • There will be five shooting stops, the first skier will shoot three times (prone, prone, standing), and the second skier will shoot twice (prone, standing).
  • On the second skiers third loop, they will ski to the finish line.
  • Each team will be assigned a target for the race. All shooting (including zero) should be done at this point.
  • Relay rounds will not be used in this race (in other words, you only have five bullets for each shooting stage).
  • A penalty loop must be skied for every miss.
  • The tag zone will be located immediately after the exit of the penalty loop.
  • The race will begin as a mass start, the first team across the finish line after six laps is the winner.

After the relay races we will hold a short mass start biathlon race.

Schedule for Sunday:

  • 8:00 AM Registration Opens
  • 9:00 AM Zero Opens
  • 10:00 AM Relay Race Start
  • 11:00 AM Mass Start

Entry Fee: Free!

After this, make plans for our Cinco de Mayo Biathlon race  (snow dependent)