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Inaugural Great Sacandaga Mountain Bike Race Results

The first ever Great Sacandaga Mountain Bike Race was a great success. After a night of rain, the sun came out, and the sandy soil allowed for most of the water to drain. Competitors were challenged by the 5 km course that was a mix of old school single track and cross country ski trails. Olympian Sean Doherty, easily won the 20 km race, finishing nearly 8 minutes ahead of the second place finisher, his brother, Andrew Doherty.

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Our next events will be a mountain bike biathlon on Saturday August 25, and a summer biathlon on Sunday August 26.

2 Road Bikes

Chris Cox has 2 road bikes he would like to sell.  See info below about the particulars. His email is:

I have two road bikes I’d like to sell. If you could forward this to all the folks in the Biathlon Club I’d appreciate it. I’m finding it hard to keep three bicycles around.

The first one is a Serrotta Tri-Colorado. It’s an older bike with shifters on the downtube. The unusual thing about it is that it has a 650c wheelset. Most road bikes are 700c. I have tires & tubes for it. They’re not common but not impossible to find.

It came to me with a little 8 speed 13-21 cassette. I could turn that up big hills when I was 19. I’m about to turn 49 and now I refer to that as a “Florida cassette” (Florida has no hills so I can turn that cassette there…). I have put a bigger one on 12-26 I think, 8 speed).

It’s a 56 cm frame. Pic attached. Nice wireless bike computer as well.

I’d like to get $500 for this. It’s older but I’ve kept in good shape so it’s a nice ride. I replaced the fork several years ago, too.

The other is a Trek Alpha 1.2.  I put about $300 into new parts (chain, pedals that work with my delta cleats, brake shoes, handlebar tape, a computer, tires and tubes).

56cm frame
Bump shifters
Triple chainring
9 speed cassette I think

$600 for this.




Spring Biathlon Races on Sunday

On Sunday March 18th, we will hold our annual Spring Biathlon Races.This is a fun event to close out the racing season. In the race two person teams will compete, by skiing alternating loops of 1.4 km. There will be two divisions, Men’s (two men on a team) and Mixed (at least one woman).

Individuals will be paired up the morning of the race, before zero.

All competitors must have completed a prior safety clinic.

Format of the Race:

* Each team will complete six laps of the course (3 by each skier).
* The teammates will alternate laps.
* There will be five shooting stops, the first skier will shoot three times (prone, prone, standing), and the second skier will shoot twice (prone, standing).
* On the second skiers third loop, they will ski to the finish line.
* Each team will be assigned a target for the race. All shooting (including zero) should be done at this point.
* Relay rounds will not be used in this race (in other words, you only have five bullets for each shooting stage).
* A penalty loop must be skied for every miss.
* The tag zone will be located immediately after the exit of the penalty loop.
* The race will begin as a mass start, the first team across the finish line after six laps is the winner.
* After the relay races we will hold a short mass start biathlon race.

Schedule for Sunday:

8:00 AM Registration Opens
9:00 AM Zero Opens
10:00 AM Relay Race Start
11:00 AM Mass Start

Entry Fee: Donation ($5 suggested)

Conditions look pretty good for NYSSRA Champs for 24FEB

Darwin, Erik, Brian, Pat and I worked on the trails today and they look quite good.  Biathlon will be on a 2.5k loop and Cross Country on a 4k loop.  Range was the only place that really needed snow and thanks to the snow blower now has very good coverage. Conditions are quite good and new groomer does a very good job..  Light freezing rain and 32 degrees at 3:40. Forecast says light rain till 7PM then clear. Won’t freeze much tonight.

Races are a GO for 27,28JAN18 10 AM registration 11 AM Start

We have enough snow and trail groomed out nicely.  We changed the start time due to the warm fore cast. 2.5k loop using the new cutoff and part of the house loop for SAT (7.5k)  race and 2k loop for SUN race (10k).  None of the big hills were used and it was quite fast today but good control. Good coverage. Distances can be modified for beginners.


Due to the warm weather forecast for this weekend we are moving the races up one hour on both days. The new schedule is:
Registration: 9:00 AM
Zero: 10:00 AM
Start: 11:00 AM