Full moon ski/snowshoe/potluck

This year’s moonlight ski will be on the 12th of February. The moon will be up by late morning and will be at its highest at about 7PM. Candles along the course will be lit at 5PM. Due to the moon not cooperating and coordinating with our event, it will only be at 70% which should be plenty¬†of light in combination with the candles. The event will be at Curt and Deb’s house (1st house on the driveway). You should either be able to find parking there or along the main driveway. Potluck food will be set up in the apartment in the house like previous years events. The course will be along the house loop for about 1.5 to 2 kilometers. Showshoes or skis must be worn on the trails. No dogs please, there will be a pretty large crowd. Please do not go on the 5k after 3PM because we will have it groomed for Sunday’s race.

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  1. We have invited a bunch of people from the area to see if they would want to be part of the club and to see the place. You are welcome to come . We don’t have the kind of room for the numbers that the Wilton Wildlife preserve gets but I don’t think we will those kinds of numbers.


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