Good morning New York! ‘Course, it’s not morning here! In fact, today I have already eaten breakfast, pushed a van, raced, missed 5 out of 10 even with 6 extra rounds(yea not my best) slid backwards down a hill in the same van, tried to talk to a cute czech boy, who didnt speak english, looked like he was maybe 12, and wanted to empty my trash, attempted to help a czech woman who wanted to change my sheets, and also spoke no english, ate lunch, and did homework. Wait- lie. I haven’t done any homework today!! hahaha!! Our coach Vlad thinks it’s very funny how much I sleep…

Food continues to be an adventure. Last night’s dinner was interesting. We had a vote going up and down the table as to what we thought the meat was. The contenders were: pork, veal, chicken, and beef, though I was pretty sure it wasn’t beef, as it was pretty white. I had absolutely no idea. So I went with pork. Wrong. It was chicken. It is amazing how much more I enjoyed it once I knew what it was, and how much less I enjoyed it after Sean said it’s funny shape was probably because it was Chernobyl Chicken, and Grace found that hers wasn’t cooked in the center. Yum. I really do like the food, though. Yesterday we toured the town and got honked at by a lot of people. Someone even knew how to say, “I love you!” It was very flattering. Not as flattering as nearly being run over by the van of Czech athletes. They just want to eliminate the competition. Seriously, though, it was close. We definitely almost died.

Good experience today, and a good one to get out of my system before Worlds. I here it’s cold over there. Glad to hear the snow’s not melting, at least. Congrats to all Mini participants!!


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